Beatriz Cezon Twisted Cup of Love 10oz

Ceramic Ice

  • $ 22.95

Each cup says, "A Cup of" and then followed by three red hearts with black outline and signed by the artist. The Twisted Cup of Love is 4" H x 3¾" Dia 10oz. 

These are hand painted individual works of art. No two are exactly the same, so allow for variations. Priced each.

About the Artist

Beatriz Cezon Vivas

My first studies began in the ´Escuela Mutual Complutense´ in Alcala de Henares (Madrid), a school specialized in arts.

During the first years of my education at EMC, I mastered the use of the pottery wheel, learning from the best potter in Spain, Braulio Vivas, who now has a street named after him in Madrid, and who was also my uncle.

Years later I started the second stage of my specialized education, learning glazing with Don Luis Larriba, a well recognized potter throughout Spain, who was in charge of several jobs for various Spanish cities and who is today an art school professor.

The last stage of my training was in ´Lopez y Moreno´, one of the most internationally renowned pottery and china companies, where I was taught how to paint with liquid gold in different colors and how to apply the various types of finishing patinas.

Don Luis Larriba taught me the technique of dry rope, and years later, when I opened my own studio in California, I specialized in custom tile murals. At that time, I was accepted by the prestigious Association `Art Trail´, where I was able to display my art along with the best artists of the region. My tiles, made and painted by hand, were sold in art galleries all across the San Francisco bay.

Ceramic Ice, my current business, combines all these techniques with my vast knowledge of pottery and ceramic glazes, including finishing accents made in gold.

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