Who's Thinking about Christmas Already?

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Who’s thinking about Christmas already? That’s what I thought yesterday. Two customers, a man and a woman, chatted me up about starting their Christmas shopping – in August. They started to make sense as the woman, let’s call her Olivia, regaled me in a funny story how she and her best friend promised to buy each other identical gifts. You see, they found this wonderful-have-to-have item in a shop. Weeks later, when it came time to buy the item neither could remember what the item was or in which store they found it. 

So, they went on an adventure to visit all the stores they normally shop in their shopping radius. They both thought it was near the front counter, but one thought it was displayed high and the other thought it was displayed low. In each store they's stopped at the counter, one would squat down and look low. The other would stand tall and look high. The clerks asked to help, which became a point of hilarity as the ladies had to explain they did not know where they saw the item, nor did they know what the item was. After visiting all the shops without success, they decided to go one more time back through the shops again. Fortunately for these two, the adventure became an opportunity to laugh at themselves – so all was not lost.

They never found the item by the way. It is likely the store moved the item or sold out. 

What's the moral of the story? The two customers yesterday explained to me that it’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping. When they shop they keep in mind their friends and family. When you find that perfect gift - buy it there and then.

Sure enough, the gentleman discovered a super cute item in our shop that perfectly suited someone on his list. He hesitated to buy it so early, in fact they where on their way out the door when he said out loud, “I’m not going to make the same mistake Olivia made.” He grabbed the item and walked back to the counter to purchase it. I dug out our Christmas tissue paper and wrapped it up perfect for the occasion.

When he gets home he’ll put the gift in a special place. Let’s hope he remembers where come Christmas time.

Emprizo. Gifts for the love of it. 

Cheers, Evona & Don

P.s., In store, gift wrapping is free with purchase.

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