What Dad Really Wants for Father's Day

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What Dad Really Wants for Father's Day

I've been a father my entire adult life. I met my wife when I was 20, she had a six-year old daughter at that time, and we had another child by the time I turned 24. I'm now 54, so I've been a dad effectively for 34 years. That's a lot of Father's Day gifts, so I have some experience on the receiving end.

As you can imagine, dads' wants and desires change over time. When I was younger, and had fewer things, I enjoyed getting physicals gifts - clothes, tools, shoes, and gadgets. At age 54, after several down-sizing iterations, I enjoy getting consumable gifts - spa treatments, dinners, movies, and outings. 

The biggest challenge for my kids was that if I wanted it, I got it myself or what I wanted was out of their budget. Additionally, I had family, prosperity, and health. This presents the age-old dilemma of "What do you get the man who has everything?" 

Oddly, the process of finding the answer to this question is the answer to the question. You will have to get to know your dad, ask him questions, engage him in his hobbies, probe for his desires - really listen to what is important to him. In other words, you're going to have to spend quality time with your dad all year long so you can identify the perfect Father's Day gift that has meaning to him and ideally to you as well. What dad wants is to know you and for you to know him - for that he needs your time.

Starting today, find regular times to engage your father all year long. Go on hikes, take him out to lunch, invite him for coffee. Really listen to him - don't merely wait for your turn to talk. And by this time next Father's Day, and for his birthday, and other gift-giving occasions, you'll know exactly what to get him and the gift-giving experience will be a pleasure for both of you.

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